Our Story

Overcoming Poverty One Handmade Good at a Time

At Empowered Goods our goal is to do our part in overcoming poverty. Founder, Casi Groff, lived in Juarez, Mexico for two years and saw first hand the harsh reality of the hardships poverty brings. Casi was specifically struck with the dilemma parents are put in by needing to leave their children home alone and work long hours at factories just to barely make enough to survive, much less thrive. As children spend large portions of their lives alone they are more susceptible to the sinister influences found in impoverished areas such as drugs, violence, gangs, etc. Empowered Goods was born to address this injustice. Through crafting handmade products our artisans are able to be home with their families, working from their kitchen tables, AND receive a healthy living wage to empower them to overcome these cycles of poverty. As Empowered Goods grows, we hope to be part of empowering change in many other communities in need.

Thank you for empowering our artisans. You are a critical part of the change in their lives with each purchase of our lovely products. We hope you enjoy our products, share them, and keep coming back, enabling change each time!

Meet the Team