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Empowering Change One Handmade Good At A Time

Through crafting our handmade products our artisans receive a healthy living wage empowering them to better their reality. Like you, they have dreams of better for themselves and their families. Dreams of seeing their children thrive or having a home big enough for their family to flourish. In areas where opportunities are scarce, Empowered Goods gives them an avenue to take the initiative and achieve these dreams.

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  • Meet One of Our Artisans : Jessica

    Jessica is a single momma to three and loves her kids well. Currently living in a one room home and sharing a double bunk bed she dreams of having a bigger space to see her growing kids thrive. She is the best cake decorator for all the birthday parties and a faithful soccer mom as she helps out the teams her kids play on. Partnering with Empowered Goods is providing her with a chance to better her families life. Your purchase directly impacts Jessica and her kids' lives.